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January 16, 2014

“We aren’t going to harm you” promise robots with fingers crossed behind their backs

by philapilus

No one has quite worked out what this robot doctor needs the guns for, but if you take them away it stops working

As new artifical intelligence project, RoboEarth, begins its test phase, robots have promised their human creators that they definitely aren’t going to take over the world and unleash ubiquitous death and destruction.

RoboEarth, a worldwide web for robots, which will allow them to learn from one another and share information directly without human mediation, has been hailed by scientists as “a breakthrough in avoiding having to do 70% of our jobs”.

But sceptics have suggested that the decision to testdrive the project in a hospital environment is simply inviting robots to engage in “enlightened euthanasia”, following which they will almost certainly destroy us all.

“Why Would We

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