BBC: “Choudary gives balance by representing views of ‘utter c*nts'”

by philapilus
Muslims Against Crusades  30.7.2011-563

Very much the BBC’s ‘go-to cunt’

The BBC have defended the decision to interview Anjem Choudary on the Today programme this morning, saying that “Without Choudary’s contribution, the debate would not adequately have included the views of total bastard fuckwits.”

After the sentencing of the killers of Lee Rigby yesterday, the extremist Muslim preacher was invited to discuss the slaughter, in order to remind Radio 4 listeners that some people are just utter cunts who spout worthless shite.

Presenter John Humphrys said “What you need to realise is that the BBC has a duty to be as objective as possible. That could involve playing it safe by trying to find a midground of uncontroversial, non-partisan opinion, or it could involve giving equal voice to a wider range of conflicting opinions.

“And then again it could involve us just asking for the opinion of one batshit-mad arsehole who represents the views of perhaps 0.0000007% of the country’s Muslim population, to make sure the debate is ludicrously moronic.

“Which is very much the direction we have gone in.”

Lord Patten, Chairman of the BBC, stood by the corporation’s decision to interview Choudary every single time any news story had a ‘Muslim angle’, by holding up an image of the preacher with a cock and balls photoshopped onto his forehead.

“I think we can all agree on this,” Patten said “and no one needs to resign.”

But Radio 4 listener, Adrian Knuckles, said “It makes no sense. Getting a gibbering buffoon to come on air and spout a bunch of shit literally no one else agrees with, does not add anything to the debate. It would be like asking Gary Glitter’s advice on sex education in junior schools, or George Osborne about how to fix the economy.

“Or asking George Galloway for his opinion on literally anything.”

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