Mandela memorial event signer had acid flashback

by philapilus
English: Nelson Mandela Statue Nelson Mandela ...

“In my mind’s eye Madiba turned into this enormous beast and started attacking the symbols of Western Imperialism. That’s when I knew it had ‘gone bad’.”

The interpreter responsible for translating speeches into sign language during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela has blamed his completely nonsensical interpretation on “a crazy acid flashback”.

In an interview posted on the Grateful Dead’s website,, Mr Dyantyi said “It was, like, craaaaazy daddio! Lights and stars and rainbows everywhere, bursting into fireworks of spiritual evanescence. And beautiful pink badgers started appearing all over the stadium.

“Then, quite suddenly, a cohort of zebras marched past, telling me to wave my hands to the groovy psychedelic music going round my head.

“I was throwing some really hip cosmic shapes, man, and then suddenly everything went very black, and I realised this was some creepy trip, can you dig it?

“All of a sudden, in my head, I was standing in front of thousands of people who were all staring at me, looking annoyed. It was dark, man, real dark. These squares weren’t digging my dancing, daddio!

“All I can say to everyone is ‘Do not buy any merchandise off of that Zuma guy’. That brown acid is not specifically too good.”

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