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November 5, 2013

India to feed the poor with Martian rocks

by philapilus


Less is More  mars and the moon

‘Provided they’re made of paneer, we’re onto a winner’

The Indian Space Research Organisation has defended its decision to send a spacecraft to Mars, citing the vast number of edible rocks it will eventually be able to send back, with which it will combat the country’s endemic poverty.

Dr K. Radhakrishnan, Chairman of the IRSO, said “Whilst it is true that the Mangalyaan Mars craft will not be returning to India with food for the starving and gold for the poor, it will be undertaking incredibly important research, such as confirming the findings of the other three space agencies that beat us there.

“Being the fourth country to reach Mars is incredibly important, as we can send out a little robot to knock down the other countries’ flags and put up one of our own. This is vital for

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November 5, 2013

Russell Brand to set himself alight on bonfire in Guy Fawkes tribute

by philapilus
Lewes Bonfire, Guy Fawkes effigy

Tracey Emin has made an incredibly lifelike sculpture of Brand in honour of his sacrifice, which is called ‘I want to have your abortion, Russell’

Self-proclaimed revolutionary Russell Brand has offered to burn himself to death, in an open letter reply to Robert Webb’s open letter response to Brand’s interview with Jeremy Paxman, which was itself in response to Brand “having decided to go all political and stuff”.

After Webb chastised Brand for chastising Paxman for chastising Brand for telling young people not to bother voting, Brand chastised Webb in return for having had an education, and he went on to refute Webb’s allegation that revolutions inevitably lead to violence, death camps and the worst of human horrors.

“Yeah like, maybe in the past or whatevs, but now it’s like, a different era,” said Brand “and like I’m well political, and tryna get all like disenfranchised young people not to vote but to

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