Triumph for Rainbow, as Trio wins Nobel economics prize

by philapilus

In one memorable episode, Zippy’s master ripped his mouth off. And it still wasn’t as disturbing as the freakishly sincere singing trio. Still, their economic genius was undeniable

The Nobel prize for economics has been awarded to erstwhile children’s entertainment trio, Rod, Jane and Freddy. The committee cited their “outstanding contribution to the field of adding and subtracting low numbers, whilst helping retarded puppets deal with their pathetic assorted problems”.

Made famous through their association with kids’ TV show Rainbow, Rod, Jane and Freddy were part of the programme’s campaign to promote understanding of atypical sexual behaviour.

Whilst Zippy played a gimp-slave, George a womanising gigolo, and  Geoffrey a eunuch, Rod Jane and Freddy introduced many confused small children to the possibilities of DP and spitroasting. But it was their challenge to the prevailing hegemony of monetarism in the 1980s through the medium of hippy-singing, that really caught the Nobel committee’s attention.

Adolph Hittlerr, committee chairman, said “Rod, Jane and Freddy taught zer little kinder how to do zer simple mathematics, which without zere would be no-one buying yoghurts, and zer global economy would in the crisis enter, instead of strong und sustainable position of last few years.

“Also; why am I German being? it is a Swedish thing, zer Nobel prize, zis is not so?”

Rod said today “To be honest I think this is long overdue. It’s all political. If Jane hadn’t sexually assaulted Bungle in the basement we’d have got it years ago.

“She was a fucking maneater. You know it was originally Rod, Matt and Jane? And then Rod, Jane and Roger? Those poor bastards. She’d have sexually exhausted me too, if it wasn’t for the fact we were married. A game of conkers was as much excitement as we ever had, and that’s not an innuendo.”

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