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October 15, 2013

People who work in Dubai “would have collaborated with the Nazis”, study shows

by articulatedsheep

An exhaustive study carried out by the University of Basildon has conclusively proved that British people who voluntarily go out to Dubai to work are the same kind of people who you would naturally expect to have collaborated happily with the Nazis in the event of a German invasion of Britain in World War Two.

OTE £125,000 pa plus excellent benefits

OTE £125,000 pa plus excellent benefits

Report author Bob Carolgees said, “Imagine a totalitarian dictatorship built on slave labour, where a moneyed middle and upper class can grow rich and complacent on the backs of the ruthless exploitation of human misery. And Nazi Germany wasn’t much better. See what I did there?”

The study explored the mystifying justifications used by ex-pats in the desert hellhole, described as “Mos Eisley spaceport as reimagined by the set designers who worked on the film ‘Logan’s Run'”.

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October 15, 2013

Triumph for Rainbow, as Trio wins Nobel economics prize

by philapilus

In one memorable episode, Zippy’s master ripped his mouth off. And it still wasn’t as disturbing as the freakishly sincere singing trio. Still, their economic genius was undeniable

The Nobel prize for economics has been awarded to erstwhile children’s entertainment trio, Rod, Jane and Freddy. The committee cited their “outstanding contribution to the field of adding and subtracting low numbers, whilst helping retarded puppets deal with their pathetic assorted problems”.

Made famous through their association with kids’ TV show Rainbow, Rod, Jane and Freddy were part of the programme’s campaign to promote understanding of atypical sexual behaviour.

Whilst Zippy played a gimp-slave, George a womanising gigolo, and 

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