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October 7, 2013

Children not learning enough about make-believe

by philapilus
Picture of Gen Con Indy 2008 in Indianapolis, ...

How can Jesus compete with breasts like Carol Danvers’?

 A damning Ofsted report suggests that over half of England’s schools are failing to teach children enough about fairytales and imaginary friends.

The report states that Religious Education is considered ‘Bullshit’ and ‘An utter waste of time’, by a worryingly high number of both pupils and teachers.

Unemployed RE teacher, Tim Twanks, said “When I was working I saw a disturbing and progressive decline in the numbers of children who believed in magical superfriends that listen to their

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October 7, 2013

Cabinet reshuffle expected this week

by philapilus
English: More clowns at Clown School

The new line-up pose for a photo at No.10

Rumours of an anticipated cabinet reshuffle have heightened, after Chloe Smith and John Randall stepped down from their government posts on Sunday.

The two signed a joint letter of resignation, saying “Dave, you are a twat. We know you were going to axe us, so we’re off. Go fuck yourself with a splintery broom-handle.”

Although the Prime Minister has been relatively secretive about when the reshuffle will happen, a Westminster source says that the likely recipients of certain posts are “obvious really. It’s a no-brainer.” The expected changes include the following:

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