David Cameron’s Recipe of the Day: Bread

by philapilus

Let them use breadmakers

Welcome back everybody!

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite recipes. It’s simple, it’s homey, but you can’t beat it for great taste and comfort. Yep, that’s right, I’m talking about bread.

Like many low-to-middle income families today, Sam and I both have to work, and it can be hard under those circumstances to find time for shopping. I can’t honestly say that I know the price of bread offhand – what chef can? – but I am guessing it is at least a fiver.

So I’ve taken to baking my own, as a low-cost, time-saving alternative; it’s healthy, easy to make, and perfect for a busy family. Here’s my recipe:

Take a bag of wholesome, delicious, Cotswold Crunch flour – made in my local constituency, incidentally. It really is the best money can buy. I’m not just shamelessly plugging them. I mean, if they sent me a bag to say thanks, that would be fine, I wouldn’t turn it down. It’s great stuff. My larder’s big enough for two or even three bags actually. And if I were to have three bags I could keep baking it – and therefore talking about it – for some time to come.

You put it in a Panasonic breadmaker. Has to be Panasonic. I’m not just some walking advert, I mean, you use what you want, but for me, Panasonic is the only model that gets what I like to call the ‘Cameron Crusty Cotswold’ just right, Incidentally, I could really do with a new TV, DVD player, camera – and a top-end stereo system with speakers throughout the house would be great too. Just thought I’d mention it there. (No real reason, I just like to fill my recipes with a few snippets about my life, and the various things I could really do with, and would definitely thank people for publically if I received them.)

Follow whatever instructions it says in the booklet about milk or water and yeast, or whatever – things that I don’t really need at the moment, thanks to my good friends at Allinson, and hey presto, you have a loaf of delicious bread, which the hired help can slice for you, cos I always find that bit rather tricky.

Bread for less than a fiver a loaf! That’s what I call Value. 


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