Daily Mail attacks Miliband’s father for not being a Nazi

by philapilus
Harold, Lord Rothermere 1868-1940

It’s a good thing no one associated with the Daily Mail 80 years ago ever said anything even remotely politically or ethically unconscionable

The Daily Mail has entered into a savage row with Ed Miliband, over its assertions that the Labour leader’s father was “Not engaged enough in raving pro-Nazi demagoguery in his youth.”

Picking up on one line in a diary entry that Ralph Miliband made when he was a teenager, in which he pondered momentarily whether Imperial Britain might not after all be the bestest thing ever since the very dawn of time, the Mail launched into a characteristic tirade.

“It was the task, no the duty, of all young men of that era, to propagate the Nazis and the British fascists,” wrote a furious Geoffrey Levy “Right up until the advent of war, at which time all right-thinking young men proudly shouted ‘Huzzah, Jingo!’ and pretended they hadn’t been Nazi-sympathisers after all. That’s what I’d have done.

“If you look back at the 1930s Daily Mail you will see a fantastic, and very British, unconditional support for Hitler. Whereas Ralph Miliband was an immigrant, and Marxist, and therefore obviously now sucks Satan’s cock in hell. We’re glad he’s dead.”

Ed Miliband, whose every utterance recently has been characterised by fuckwittery and desperation, naturally leapt to the defence of Ralph (who went on to fight in the Royal Navy), leaving the Labour leader in the odd position of saying things that made sense, and were generally quite hard to lampoon.

But right-wing editor, Paul Dacre, said “Oh sure, rake up the past of the Daily Mail, pro-Nazi stuff published nationally by an influential newspaper immediately before World War II, blahblahblah… It’s ancient history! A whole 80 years ago! No longer relevant!

“Whereas a private diary entry written by a boy as recently as 80 years ago, is of course of huge and momentous current political relevance.

“And whilst I’m on the subject, Hitler was a much misunderstood man, who had the right idea about the Hebes, you lefty Jew-loving pinkos. Watching that brave, handsome man’s speeches fills me with as much excitement as my lunchtime massage from Richard Littlejohn and- Oh! Oh no! Nurse! Nurse! My pants! I’ve done it again!”

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