Cameron promises to get tough on prejudice by pretending it isn’t there

by philapilus
PM welcomes President Putin

“Honestly Stephen, you should see the ticking off I gave him last time we met!”

In a Twitter statement today, David Cameron has set out the Conservatives’ election manifesto on tackling prejudice, promising that “Wherever we find injustice and cruelty we will face it head on, and jolly well absolutely ignore it till it gets the message.”

Cameron’s tweet follows a similar statement earlier this week, in which he gave a masterfully-reasoned rejection to Stephen Fry’s plea for a boycott of the Sochi games.

He explained on Sunday “Only by attending the 2014 Winter Olympics, and completely refusing to mention Russia’s endemic homophobia, whilst complying wholly with their draconian anti-gay laws, can Britain lead the world in challenging prejudice.”

Stephen Fry said today “He’s absolutely right of course. I was talking out of my not-insubstantial arse again, as always. We must stand firm silently. Unless we’re asked to lay down, in which case we’ll do that, obviously.

“After all, that’s how we changed Hitler’s mind about the Jews, isn’t it? Oh dear, Godwin’s law, I do so apologise. Cup of Twinings Earl Grey?”

Cameron has pledged that if re-elected in 2015, the Conservatives will fight any prejudice – racial, gender, sexual orientation etc – by allowing it to continue, “until the culprits feel jolly embarrassed, and ashamed of what they’ve done.”

Ed Miliband responded this afternoon by pledging that Labour would continue to oppose this and all other government policies, by not suggesting any credible alternatives until the tories caved and let him win the election.

He added “After all, it is my turn next.”

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