News Briefs: Humour broken, as everyone makes exact same joke

by philapilus
I hadn't met this pony before and as I put the...

It’s not funny you stupid ass.

This morning humour broke down after the whole country made the same joke simultaneously.

As news emerged that a woman had been fined for taking her horse into McDonald’s, everyone you know said “They don’t allow horses in McDonald’s? What about the burgers then? HAHAHAHAHAHA!



Humour crunched to a halt and several bits fell off, but not in an amusing fashion, nor with the accompaniment of flatulent sound effects, or a sad trombone going Wah Wah Wah WAAAAH.

Professor Hamish McEyebrau, of the Slough School of Laughology, said “There is an ancient prophecy, handed down from time immemorial, about an impending dark age of mirthlessness, which will be birthed by the anti-joke; a joke so widespread, painfully obvious and unfunny that it will completely kill humour. Some people say this is that joke.

“But they’re wrong. It was one told by Jim Davidson in 1983.”


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