Iain Duncan Smith revealed as fake

by philapilus
English: Iain Duncan Smith-London March 2010

It should have been obvious to anyone this was just a clown in a grotesque mask having a laugh

This morning David Cameron’s credibility suffered another blow, after it transpired that his Work and Pensions Secretary is not real.

Commenting on the benefits cap being unrolled today, the Prime Minister tweeted Duncan Smith’s on Twitter, only to discover that it was in fact a parody account he had tweeted.

But worse was to follow, as Cameron’s staff tried to find the DWP minister to see what was going on, and discovered that not only was he not in his office, but, technically speaking, he does not exist.

Percy Spoke, spokesperson for the DWP, said “On forcing our way into Iain’s office, we found it completely empty, except for a rubber mask of ‘his’ face, and a wardrobe full of suits.

“It appears that some joker, or perhaps even a succession of jokers, have been sneaking in to the building first thing in the morning, dressing up as IDS, and then behaving as a parody of a Tory minister, coming up with joke ideas, joke statements, joke policies… you name it.

“The rather embarrassing fact of the matter is that none of us actually noticed the difference.”

David Cameron said “At first I was mortified. Utterly mortified. I thought; I’m going to be a laughing stock. But then I thought about it and, well, the person who was playing him was doing a pretty good job actually.

“I mean, I really liked those policies. I’m seriously thinking of finding whoever was wearing the mask and offering them a cabinet position.

“The hours are good, it’s an easy job, and quite clearly you don’t have to actually mean anything you say. Plus there’s a whopping great payrise coming. So if you’re out there, mystery pisstaking actor, please get in touch!”

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