Prince Charles’s letters can’t be seen in case they say what they say

by philapilus
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Any fool could tell he’s a rampant commie

Three high court judges have ruled that letters in which Prince Charles tried to sway government policy should not be seen by the public, in case he tried to sway government policy.

Which he did.

The judges said that attorney general Dominic Grieve had done the right thing in vetoing publication of the ‘black spider memos’, which as they showed the prince doing something wrong, might make people think he had done something wrong.

Rejecting a legal challenge by the Guardian to overturn Grieve’s veto, the lord chief justice of England and Wales, Lord Judge* said “It is of paramount constitutional importance that Prince Charles remains politically neutral.

“As he hasn’t remained politically neutral, no one should see what politically partisan things he said, lest they might think he is politically partisan.”

Sir Percy Spoke, spokesperson for the prince, said “The prince, (who is a landed person of massive inherited wealth and privilege, and whose existence is virtually the raison d’etre of the class system, of which he is naturally right at the top) does of course have a political leaning. But we go to great lengths to make sure no one could possibly guess what it might be.

“What are you looking at me like that for? It isn’t necessarily the conservatives, you know! I mean it could be any of the three major parties; conservatives or…hang on, what are the others? Oh yes; or UKIP or the BNP… We’re not telling.

“It is paramount he abstains from interfering in the political process, so that when he interferes in the political process everyone knows he hasn’t.

“After all, His Royal Highness will one day be king and…well, might be king. Possibly. Unless his mummy outlives him. Which to be fair, is looking pretty likely.

“You know what, maybe this doesn’t actually matter?”


*Honestly, that’s his name. We didn’t even make that up. It’s like if the Queen’s first name was Regina, or Galloway’s first name was cunt…

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