Advertisement: Smell like 007, with new JAMES BOND fragrance!!!!!

by philapilus
English: British actor Roger Moore in Espoo, F...

You too can smell like this stale octogenarian

Are you blissfully unencumbered by a big, unwieldy, intellect?

A little short in the trouser department and anxious to compensate?

Why not try new JAMES BOND aftershave!

Yes, finally you can smell like a real hero!

Experience the olfactory sensation of being a really cool secret agent, going on exciting missions and getting all the bearded clam you can eat!

Swill your Vodka-Martini as you drily chat up the ladies! No one will guess that your aftershave is actually cheaper than your socks; here’s your chance to be A REAL MAN!

JAMES BOND aftershave will instantly turn you into 007, and is guaranteed to be almost as big a chick-magnet as a can of Lynx deoderant!

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