Star Weds (Episode II)

by unpseudable

Some of the Star Wars characters celebrating. Greedo started it

In the week of George Lucas’ wedding to Melody Hobson, TMB is very fortunate to have the illustrious director’s thoughts on reworking a ceremony held so fondly in the memories of so many.


A long time ago, if you will, in a galaxy, uh, not so far away – ahahaha – I met Maria.  Now, some people said we shouldn’t have gotten involved.  But we did.  In fact, we got married.

Now this was way back in 1969.  Of course, in those days we had none of the new technologies now available to us.  All the people attending the wedding had to be actual, genuine people.  Yes, even the minister had to actually be present.  We did come up with a huge raft of new innovations to overcome these limitations, though, of course.  Cardboard cut-outs, for example

And then of course we were constrained by time.  Having to get the invitations sent out to make sure that people could make it on the day meant that we were tied to an absolute deadline.  There are all sorts of things you want to do in situations like this, but there comes a time when you have to draw a line, say ‘that’s it’, and go with what you have.

This time around, though, with so many more technologies available, I was able to create the wedding that I had always envisaged.  Gone were the constrictive timescales – new digital technologies meant that we didn’t need anyone to come along at all.  Our ‘guests’ could all be added in post-production.  We did have a couple of witnesses in there – genuine people – but CGI has progressed to such an degree that watching the edited version even I can’t tell which ones really are Ron and Steven.  We did of course need a minister, but he was filmed and projected before us in 3-dimensional hologram form.

And where previously we had been limited to getting married in places that actually existed, digital green screen technology meant that his time we could get married on a planet that had hitherto existed only in my imagination.

I’d like to think everybody will enjoy this version of the wedding far more than the original – my ex-wife, all our original guests who weren’t needed this time around.  This time it was the wedding it always should have been.

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