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Just hover the cursor over Snowden to ‘paint the target’, as we say in the Online Gaming community

Are you a fan of ‘WHERE’S WALDO’?

Why not try brand new online interactive game ‘SPOT SNOWDEN’!

Test your powers of observation to the limit!

We’ll give you access to round-the-clock surveillance footage from any one of the 19million CCTV cameras that we’ve hacked into, from around the globe. All you have to do is sit at your computer, scrolling through the images for hour after pleasurable hour, and see if you can spot Edward Snowden! WHAT COULD BE MORE FUN?!

Upon spotting someone you think might be Snowden, all you have to do is ring up our competition hotline on 1-800-SWIFTSTRIKE, and our operatives will arrive on the scene and cheerfully bundle the person you suspect into a car. (You know, just to verify that it is really him.)

If you have successfully spotted Edward Snowden, we’ll give him a nice cup of tea and take him home, and YOU will win a $50 voucher to spend at K-Mart, and a special pen!*

So why not join the world’s most enjoyable online observation game ‘SPOT SNOWDEN’, by going to and signing up now!


Also Available Soon



*Warning, pen may contain poisoned darts and/or explosives and should not be used by anyone at any time ever.

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