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June 25, 2013


by philapilus
English: Image of sniper scope view. This imag...

Just hover the cursor over Snowden to ‘paint the target’, as we say in the Online Gaming community

Are you a fan of ‘WHERE’S WALDO’?

Why not try brand new online interactive game ‘SPOT SNOWDEN’!

Test your powers of observation to the limit!

We’ll give you access to round-the-clock surveillance footage from any one of the 19million CCTV cameras that we’ve hacked into, from around the globe. All you have to do is sit at your computer, scrolling through the images for hour after pleasurable hour, and see if you can spot Edward Snowden! WHAT COULD BE MORE FUN?!

Upon spotting someone you think might be Snowden, all you have to do is ring up our competition hotline on 1-800-SWIFTSTRIKE, and our operatives will

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June 25, 2013

Star Weds (Episode II)

by unpseudable

Some of the Star Wars characters celebrating. Greedo started it

In the week of George Lucas’ wedding to Melody Hobson, TMB is very fortunate to have the illustrious director’s thoughts on reworking a ceremony held so fondly in the memories of so many.


A long time ago, if you will, in a galaxy, uh, not so far away – ahahaha – I met Maria.  Now, some people said we shouldn’t have gotten involved.  But we did.  In fact, we got married.

Now this was way back in 1969.  Of course, in those days we had none of the new technologies now available to us.  All the people attending the wedding had to be actual, genuine people.  Yes, even the minister had to actually be present.  We did come up with a huge raft of new innovations to overcome

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June 25, 2013

Julia Gillard pilloried for not knitting giant middle finger

by philapilus
Koalas australia zoo

No worries, the Australian parliament will debate the pictures in tomorrow’s session, if they aren’t all full as googs.


Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has been the subject of intense scorn this week, after a photoshoot in which she sat in an armchair knitting a kangaroo for the child of William and Kate.

National media attacked her cliched feminine pose and passively pro-Royal stance. But most of all Australians were furious that she was not photographed drunkenly knitting a large middle finger emblazoned with ‘Fuck you, England’.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott put down his lager, swayed disconcertingly, and said

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