Breaking News: Osborne to launch singing career

by philapilus
BBC TV The Black & White Minstrel Show

George has enlisted the help of fellow MPs Grant Shapps and Jeremy Hunt, along with four tea-ladies/dominatrixes from Tory HQ


After President Obama repeatedly confused George Osborne with R&B-singer Jeffrey Osborne in a G8 speech, the chancellor has announced his intention to enter the music industry.

An anonymous aide said “The chancellor was so mortified with embarrasment, he couldn’t even correct the US president, which  means the only course of action open to him now is to do his best to become a successful black soul artist.”

David Cameron said “I’m confident George will give it his all, in the finest traditions of conservative determination and unwavering stubbornness.

“He has already blacked-up with some boot polish, and is practising his scales in the gents toilets. I think it would be fair to say at this stage that he is bad. Very, very bad.

“But, on the bright side, he can’t be any worse at this than he is at being chancellor, can he?”

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