EDL “Wouldn’t hurt a fly” says leader

by philapilus
Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...

“I model myself on this guy, honestly. Sometimes I even black-up with a burnt cork, and do a funny wog-voice. The boys have hysterics. I ask you, is THAT the sort of thing a racist would do?”

Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL said today that violence was not something that was in any way whatsoever endorsed by his organisation, especially not by any members such as himself, with previous convictions for violence.

Speaking of his balaclava-wearing, charmingly illiterate group of skinheaded gentlemen, Robinson said “You couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of lads. Real softies at heart, and definitely not the type to engage in racially-motivated violence, even if they occasionally make the odd threat about doing that kind of thing. That’s just for a laugh really.”

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Robinson, who has previously been convicted for brawling, trying to enter the USA illegally, and – spectacularly – headbutting a member of his own organisation at his own rally, explained that he saw himself as “Very similar to Gandhi, very much that kind of gentle person, you know? We all are, really. Except we’re white, and not the colour of poo, obviously.”

Whilst he did admit that EDL tactics of intimidation and violence could be seen by some as questionable, Robinson pointed out that recent anti-Muslim behaviour, such as the firebombing of a mosque, was “probably necessary, and justifiable. What else can the working class do?

“I mean, I’m the first one to want a dialogue within the rational democratic process, but, at the same time, you have to burn all the mosques, don’t you? Or else the lads get bored.

“Not that such acts have been perpetrated by any of the big-hearted, meaty-fisted gents of my acquaintance, obviously.

“Look, anyone can start a fire and write ‘EDL’ on a wall. Even the prime minister could do it, couldn’t he! In fact, Bet you it was Cameron. He’s always looked to me like someone who wants to chuck a firebomb.

“I mean, fair play to him, it is bloody exciting. Um… that is… so I hear, anyway.”


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