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June 10, 2013

Cameron explains concept of Intelligence agencies to bewildered public

by philapilus
22 Ebury Street, SW1

If only someone could think of a way to make the concept of a secret service intelligible to the masses

The prime minister gave a press conference today, in which he explained to the British people what the so-called ‘Secret Services’ are, to try and quell public anxieties about infringement of civil liberties.

Mr Cameron said “I appreciate some of you are wondering why these people are employed to do stuff that they then don’t tell you about.

“I can also see why it might be a bit unsettling to feel like the government is keeping some sort of, what’s the word? Some sort of ‘tab’ on certain people.

“But actually, some of the

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June 10, 2013

Diary: Alex Jones

by philapilus

This strangely fat and ugly face looked back at me from the mirror this morning; obviously the Jew bankers have done another face-transplant on me while I slept


4:08 Britain, shit. I’m still only in Britain. Charlie-Jew-Communist is out there, getting stronger. Need to get back into the shit. Ate bottle of Pepsi. Plastic hurt my teeth. Very worrying.

4:53 Awful. Woke up, aliens were NOT under the bed. Tricky bastards must have disappeared when their mind-reading devices showed I was about to wake. Ate a Twix. Back to sleep.

5:03 woken by strange continual noise of gas being expelled from my anus. Lasted half an hour. I collected a sample in

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