Nazi Germany “Full of people pretending to be pot-plants”

by philapilus
A mass rally on Tempelhof field, 1 May 1935

This crowd were pretending to be a large garden-centre. Obviously.

A new history of the Third Reich by Nigel Farage has made the bold and novel claim that the vast majority of people in the country were swept up in a faddish craze which is only now beginning to be understood.

In Why it’s Fine to Goosestep Farage states that, contrary to the popular belief that Germany was in thrall to a bunch of racist chubnuts, the 1930s and 1940s were characterised by “A really jolly craze, in which people pretended to be pot-plants. I believe it was as widespread then as Gangnam is now. Whatever that is.”

His thesis came to light after he was able to explain that a Ukip candidate was not, in fact, making a Nazi salute in a photograph discovered online, but was imitating a pot-plant, whilst reaching for a cameraphone, or some shit.

Farage said “In my book I hope to show that the Nazi party has been tragically misunderstood in histories of the twentieth century. In my research I came across many, many German people, who have been damned by the liberal media just because of misunderstood things on their Facebook accounts, jolly pictures in their windows of the swastika – which is only a picture of the sun, for god’s sake – or by transcripts from something called ‘The Nuremberg Trials’.

“It is time we woke up and realised that just because a nation of people enjoys imitating pot plants, that is no reason to hold it accountable for a World War, which was probably just a misunderstanding.”

Farage added ” I also want to go on record and say that the so-called ‘Holocaust’ is simply a very, very extended game of Hide and Seek, which has been going on for decades, and that the Jews are just really, really good at hiding.”


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