Bastards who ran the 2013 London Marathon, by Jan Moir

by philapilus
The 2011 London Marathon mass race passing thr...

Good works? Rubbish! I’ve done more for this country sitting at my keyboard than any of these selfish frauds.

In an article syndicated from the Daily Mail, TMB is proud to present the ever-insightful and carefully balanced views of columnist Jan Moir:

Is it just me, or was everyone running the London Marathon a completely self-obsessed, self-serving parody of a human being?

Thank you, dear reader, I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

Weren’t they awful? Those of us who aren’t self-serving vacuous parasites on the flesh of our once-meaningful and charitable society, watched in a kind of fascinated horror as immaculately coiffured and manicured bimbos danced before our eyes.

Take Katherine Jenkins. Beautiful woman running for charity? Or tasteless trollop who would have run nude if she had been allowed, anything to display those assets of hers, using her chest inches for column inches!

Even her sweat smelt of rose petals, and she kept putting on and removing her ridiculously expensive, ostentatious sunglasses, supposedly because ‘it was sunny’!!!

Snort indeed!

And what about bloody Mo Farah? There’s a tosser if ever I saw one. Reiterating that hateful message throughout the race simply by flaunting his impossible, disgustingly healthy physique, that being normal-sized is a sin in our gullible, credulous, body-fascist Britain.

Oh god, and Tsegeye Kebede, the ‘winner’! Poor little African boy, who grew up, we are unnecessarily reminded, working for twenty pence a day tending livestock. Big wows.

Well, if he had any gumption, any decent humanity and spirit within his odiously brown frame, he would have stayed there, working hard like the rest of us do!

But oh no, not for Kebede: ‘Me so sorr’ Massa, me wan’ to win de big race for de glory, me no likey hard work, me gon’ to de big city for easy run’!

And did you see the beginning of the race, dear readers? Everyone standing there silently, ostensibly as a ‘mark of respect’ for those who died in Boston? Respect? More like disgustingly self-aggrandising showboating!

‘Oh look at me’, all 40,000 runners seemed to be saying, ‘I’m so much better than you! I care about things’.

Well excuse me if I am not selfishly going to pretend to be running for charitable donations or good causes, and if I spend my Sunday sitting on the sofa with a family-sized pack of crisps and a whole Sara Lee gateau. Some of us have just a little more self-respect and genuine humanity.

I am pretty sure most of them were sodomites as well. It all made me so angry. And have I mentioned how much I hate Katherine Jenkins?

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