Johnny Rotten “Not very polite”

by philapilus
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He’s always been so shy and retiring

Former Sex Pistols frontman, John Lydon, AKA ‘Johnny Rotten’, has caused surprise and shock after being quite impolite to an Australian TV presenter.

The normally soft-spoken and well-mannered singer was being interviewed on Channel Ten’s entertainment programme The Project, when, to everyone’s surprise, he began to behave with less than punctilious propriety.

In an almost unheard-of outburst of language veering slightly towards the aggressive, Rotten slightly belittled his interviewer, Carrie Bickmore, spoke of himself in a slightly grandiose fashion, and at one point appeared accidentally to make a bit of a fascist salute.

Bickmore said “We were all completely confused. Johnny’s normally so polite. I mean, it was completely at odds with his gentlemanly, almost blandly-establishment, character. I found myself thinking ‘Can this really be the man famous for singing so proudly in support of the monarchy?’ Bizarre.”

John Lydon’s agent, Rick Smarm, said the singer was “Distraught” and “Utterly full of remorse” about his actions.

“Poor old JR is really upset about this. He wants everyone to know that he just got completely carried away with the excitement of the Australian tour his new band is embarking upon. He has asked me to give his profoundest apologies to Bickmore and her co-hosts, and begs them to forgive his unwitting solecism.”

Later on it was announced that Lydon had become so depressed by his lapse into unruliness, that he was going to check into rehab, just as soon as he had stopped off at a Catholic church and made a confession of his sins.

Former Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren said “This supposedly ‘bad boy’ image has dogged every member of our little band since poor Sidney was branded a drug addict, after accidentally falling onto a needle and dying of a heroin overdose.

“Even our name is the subject of misrepresentation. We explained to promoters at the time that we were attempting to highlight the inter-religious conflicts around the world, with our carefully chosen moniker; “Sects = pistols”. But one poor semi-literate gentleman spelled it wrong on a poster, and from then on that’s what they called us. Poor Johnny nearly died of the shame. And now he has to live with this as well.”

He added “I should keep him on suicide watch if I was his doctor. He’s so worried about what people think of him.”

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