Thatcher “Dangerously insane” according to US intelligence reports

by philapilus
Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan

For years she carried that cardboard cut-out wherever she went

US intelligence and diplomatic reports published by Wikileaks have shown that the Americans were aware Margaret Thatcher was “Mentally unstable and profoundly dangerous” as early as the mid-1970s.

Amongst the 1.7 million documents made available in a newly-searchable format online, are some 25,000 increasingly desperate warnings to the US government from the embassy in Britain.

“The new leader of the Conservative party is certainly psychotic, and if she became prime minister would represent a serious threat to world peace.” reads one early report from June 1975.

Another cable, from December the same year, finds the ambassador reporting “[Thatcher] appears to believe that Hammer Horror films are accurate documentaries which highlight the real and present danger posed by the undead in contemporary Britain.

“Not only has she pledged to spend half of the UK’s national defence budget hunting down and destroying Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, but she also routinely kills between 50-100 cats a day with her bare hands. This latter because she has developed an abject terror of felines after watching ‘The Uncanny’ – a Hammer-like portmanteau horror film distributed by the Rank Organisation (and bloody brilliant, by the way).”

By 1976 the tone of the reports was more frantic “Please for God’s sake let me come home; the woman is fucking insane. She stands outside the embassy at night rubbing herself against a lifesize cardboard cut-out of Republican and former actor, Ronald Reagan, and howling at the moon.

“She tried to bite me at a reception yesterday, and then threw celery sticks at the waitresses and called them communists. Then she followed me into the men’s toilets, trapped me in a stall, and spent half an hour foaming at the mouth and telling me her ambition was to invade Portugal. Mad as a frozen handbag.”

Wikileaks founder, and guest of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange, said “I’ve got a shed load more of these which are going online tomorrow. There’s also about 50,000 cables from Henry Kissinger enquiring for hourly updates about popstar Gary Glitter, with whom Kissinger was absolutely obsessed.”

Assange added “And some people say I’ve got too much free time on my hands!”

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