Bradford’s Rubbish says Bradford MP

by unpseudable

Not Mr Galloway’s natural environment at all

Respect MP for Bradford West, George Galloway yesterday tabled an Early Day Motion ripping the entire city of Bradford a new one.

The carefully chosen wording of the EDM begins conventionally enough with a vociferous complaint about the excessive pay award of £178,476 to the Chief Executive of Bradford’s district council.  It then goes on to point out that Bradford “has some of the worst schools, the worst hospitals, and among the highest rates of unemployment in the country, not to mention possibly the most unattractive mingers in the whole of Yorkshire.”  Getting into his stride, he claims that there’s always a stench of urine coming from the public swimming baths, and even the drinking water “tastes a little pissy”.

Unable to let it go there, he then challenges the entire pensioner community to a fight “with or without zimmer frames, it’s all the same to me”, declares the city’s architecture uninspired and judges the totality of the population “pretty fucking dumb”, a comment some have seen as a reference to the choice made by the electorate in their most recent by-election.

Galloway, who spends as much time in his Bradford West constituency as his busy, dictator-meeting, reality-show appearing, angry speech-making, lifestyle will allow, acknowledges in his EDM how much he despises the couple of weeks he’s forced to spend annually in the fetid rathole.

Responses from his constituents have been varied.  Guy Ordinary, an ordinary guy, said, “Well, of course he is entitled to his opinion, but given that he’s a knob and it’s a stupid opinion, I really don’t care.”

Margaret Pleasantenough, a self-employed cat-fancier, said, “Of all the people entitled to an opinion, he’s not.  He is a knob, and inevitably it’s a stupid opinion.  And I don’t care.”

Galloway’s disgust at the earnings of a public servant has come as no surprise to many commentators, given his recent paltry earnings of over £100,000 a year for his twice-weekly slot on TalkSport radio, £3,000 an episode for a fortnightly show on Press TV and thousands more for speeches.  Which, in the words of Mr Galloway, “is most definitely hard-earned given that I’m such a shy and retiring soul, and am certainly not the kind of fellow to start spouting off his semi-formed thoughts at the drop of a hat.  The kind of fellow who is essentially paid huge amounts for doing what comes naturally.  Not that at all.”

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