News Briefs: Dorner murders prove NRA “right again”

by philapilus
Guns 001

“This floor-mounted one is in case the dog needs to shoot anybody”

A survey of people who fill out surveys indicates that the majority of people filling out surveys think the recent shootings by Christopher Jordan Dorner indicate the need for many, many more guns.

Dorner, a former policeman who posted a rambling statement online revealing his intent to kill LAPD officers, embarked on a shooting spree that has left three dead and two injured so far.

In the hunt to find him zealous policeman have also managed to shoot up random vehicles and two innocent members of the public.

NRA spokesman Dick Cheese said “Well this just goes to show! We all need guns! The police need more guns to get him, the public need guns to fire back at police in case of mistakes, and clearly Dorner needs more guns cos he’s only killed three so far! Loser!

“Um, actually hang on, can I retract that last bit?”

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