Anti-gun activist makes the ultimate sacrifice

by unpseudable

Well, a design like this is just asking for trouble

News has surfaced that a Trinidad and Tobago man has gone to extreme lengths to demonstrate why perhaps it’s not a great idea for everyone to have a gun.  The 33 year old security guard had a .38 caliber handgun in his pocket when it went off, shooting him right in the knob.

This appears to represent a growing movement of people hoping to prove how stupid the combination of guns and human beings can be, following a spate of groinal shootings across America, in Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma and Washington in 2012 alone.

Spokesperson for Please Shoot Your Copulating Hardware Off, Rick Splatter, said, “We just want to show our country’s legislators that if fucking unbelievably stupid people are given guns, this is what’s going to happen.  That’s not to say that all Americans are so stupid they’re liable to shoot themselves in the cock, rather that there are enough fucking idiotic people in the world to make shooting themselves, or those around them, by accident a likelihood, rather than a mere possibility.  At least if we didn’t have guns we’d be reduced to having to fall down stairs, or run ourselves over.  And I can tell you from experience that the latter is pretty tricky.  We are grateful to those around the world who join us in this selfless crusade.”

Although some are arguing that if all people stupid enough to shoot their reproductive organs off were to shoot their reproductive organs off there would be fewer people born stupid enough to shoot their reproductive organs off, President Barack Obama has exploited this recent development to further his aim of limiting gun ownership in America.  A recent speech aimed at the anti-gun control contingent was short but to the point: “See?”

The NRA, however, have as always been quick to defend guns, saying, “This man had an illegal gun – do you understand: illegal?  The obvious conclusion is, if we in the glorious US of A were to make having guns illegal everyone would be shooting their penises off.  Except the women.  They’d be shooting – err, well, whatever they have.  Or other people’s penises.  Basically, the message is, make guns illegal and penises are in danger.”

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