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January 23, 2013

Beyonce lip-syncing scandal leads to violent demands for new election

by philapilus

The USA has been driven to the brink of  internicine civil war, by the news that pop-singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter probably lip-synced her performance at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

Beyoncé Knowles performing "Listen" ...

In years to come she will be remembered as a greater foe to the American people than Bin Laden ever was

Beyonce performed the American hit-parade classic ‘Star Spangled Banner’, written and first made famous by the Rembrandts, and released as the B-side for their single ‘I’ll be there for you’.

But accusations that she lip-synced, instead of singing the song live, have resulted in rioting and outbreaks of violence throughout the country.

Governors of the Southern states have met and drawn up plans for a New Confederacy, and

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