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January 8, 2013

Excremental toad shouts at imbecilic self-pleasurer

by unpseudable

But who wouldn’t want to have a shout at him?

In an exchange problematical for all vaguely sensible, thinking people, contemptible loudmouth irrelevance Alex Jones yelled unremittingly for quarter of an hour at professional odious wretch Piers Morgan on the subject of gun control.

Whilst Morgan doesn’t think that every household really needs a semi-automatic weapon, Alex Jones doesn’t think.  However, he does assert that Piers Morgan should fuck off home.  And that the odd nuclear bomb per household wouldn’t go amiss, just in case.

Jones is the instigator of the much-publicised petition to oust Morgan from the USA for advocating the removal of the right to bear arms under the second amendment.  In doing so he does of course advocate the removal of Morgan’s right to free speech under the first amendment.  And given that Morgan has not suggested the second amendment be removed, legally this puts Jones on slightly shaky ground.

According to CNN’s lawyer,

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