Clegg celebrates 5 years as leader by attending Cabinet meeting

by articulatedsheep

Nick Clegg has celebrated his Wooden Jubilee as Lib Dem leader by being invited to attend a Cabinet meeting.

Define "pledge"

Define “pledge”

The Prime Minister has taken the unusual step of inviting Mr. Clegg to sit in on the meeting as part of the national celebrations to mark his Jubilee, which have been running throughout 2012.

Constitutional historian Johnny Rotten told TMB, “A Liberal leader has not attended Cabinet since Queen Victoria’s day, but I understand that the Prime Minister has thought it would be a nice touch, and a symbol of recognition of the great admiration in which he is held by so many in the country.”

In line with convention, while Mr. Clegg will be observing the whole meeting, he will not be able to make any contributions to it. Despite his figurehead status, Mr. Clegg does retain some constitutional

role in Government – for example, in 2010 he formally appointed David Cameron as Prime Minister – but in the modern era he is expected to stay out of Government decision-making.

Clegg does, however, have a weekly audience with the Prime Minister, which Mr. Cameron is understood to spend checking his Blackberry continuously and sighing loudly.

Despite the universal high esteem in which Mr. Clegg is held, there have been some voices of dissent to the Government’s move.

“The kind of constitutional anachronism whereby a Lib Dem can sit in on a Cabinet meeting quite frankly belongs to another era,” said anti-Lib Dem campaigner, Ed Miliband. “We may be confident that Clegg will have no influence whatsoever on Government policy while he is leader, but what about his successor? I don’t want to live in a country where Vinc

e Cable might be trying to pull strings behind the scenes – or, even worse, randy Mike Hancock.”

The Government, however, has dismissed these concerns. “Nick will certainly be welcome at the proper Cabinet table for this one meeting,” said a spokesman, “but for all future meetings he and his little friends will be expected to sit at the special, bright green plastic Cabinet table that we have set up in the corner, where he, Danny, Vince and the others should sit quietly with their colouring in books and not disturb the grown-ups.”

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