BBC allegations: update

by articulatedsheep

Following recent allegations against Jimmy Savile, which are being investigated by the police, proof has emerged of the activities of other BBC figures of the 1970s and 80s. We present a brief summary.

Peel “drowned puppies in a barrel around the back of Egton House” throughout the 1970s

  • Alan “Fluff” Freeman sold arms to Ian Smith’s Rhodesian government between 1966 and 1980;
  • Simon Bates operated a secret “strike force”, who used psychological warfare techniques to inflict serious emotional harm on people who would then be compelled to write into Bates’s “Our Tune” feature on his radio programme;
  • Dave Lee Travis was the mastermind behind the 1983 Brinks Mat gold robbery;

  • Due to a quirk of international law, Mike Read was granted diplomatic immunity from English law in the early 1970s, which he used to help spirit Lord Lucan out of the country after the murder of his children’s nanny;
  • Mark Goodier forced top chart acts to fight to the death to secure the coveted number one spot in the official UK chart;
  • Between 1991 and 1999, Noel Edmonds presented a series of prime-time Saturday night gameshows which, it now emerges, breached the Geneva Convention. The BBC only agreed to put Edmonds “beyond use” following an international agreement, and resulted in UN inspectors setting up an observer mission in White City to oversee his decommissioning.

Further controversy relates to the fact that Savile was appointed to chair a management board put in place to bring about improvements to operations at Broadmoor Secure Hospital in the late 80s. However, Broadmoor have defended this decision, highlighting the fact that around the same time, Bobby Davro was appointed to chair the commission of inquiry into the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster, and that the preparations for the “Big Bang” – the deregulation of City trading introduced in 1987 – were overseen by Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog.

“These terrible allegations have shaken the BBC to the core,” said the BBC Trust’s chairman, Chris ‘Fat Pang’ Patten. “I have therefore asked that they be investigated in full by the only prominent BBC personality not to be tainted by the suggestion of inappropriate behaviour. That person is, of course, Frank Bough.”

“What do you mean?” Patten continued, responding to an unseen questioner. “When did that happen?”

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