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July 30, 2012

Bottom-feeding Brits “can’t do sport for shit”, say morons

by articulatedsheep

According to a report released today by Britain’s morons, Great Britain’s failure to win 8,000 gold medals by the end of day three of the Olympic Games is a “colossal failure” that can only be partially remedied by the so-called athletes involved being put to death.

Don’t know what you’re looking so happy about, you only came twelfth

Britain currently languishes in 20th place in the medals table, clearly demonstrating that all the British people who have been spending their entire lives to constantly train enough to even compete at this echelon of international elite sport have basically been wasting their time.

“Tom Daley? Shit Daley, more like”, said Roger Twat, who speaks with the authority of a man awarded a 25 metre swimming badge in 1976. “Call that diving? He ought to be ashamed of himself.”

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