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July 11, 2012

Farming Today interviewer ‘out of touch’ with cost of broadcast equipment

by philapilus
A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait

“What this country needs is a minister who can tell you the exact price of any unit of milk. Ideally he would spend all day, every day going around every supermarket and comparing the price of every single item they sell. There can BE no more important work.” said Hill, as the drugs began to kick in.

The interviewer who caught out Agriculture Minister, Jim Paice, forcing him to admit that he didn’t know the retail price of a pint of milk, has today also come under fire, for not being able to answer factual questions related to her work.

Anna Hill, who flummoxed Paice on the price of milk, and forced him to concede that he leaves the shopping to his wife like some unreconstructed patriarchal sexist, has spent the last twenty four hours celebrating her investigative coup.

But during an interview she was giving to a reporter making a radio programme about interviewers on radio farming programmes, Hill failed to answer questions about the price of microphones, headphones, and even those nasty laminated tables you always see in radio booths.

“She didn’t even know the price of a radio set in the shop,” said journalist, Mike Ock. “It was almost like she doesn’t have every single fact about her entire industry to hand, and can’t instantly recall the current unit price of every single piece of equipment. What a total idiot, and stuck-up fraud.”

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