BREAKING NEWS: “Hitler was anti-semite” claims unprecedented report

by philapilus
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Bringing you all the breaking news, so fast we don’t even stop to call the glazier in first

An incredible and unprecedented report has been uncovered by an academic at Cambridge University, which reveals exclusively, for the first time, that during the Second World War, British intelligence had noticed Adolf Hitler didn’t like Jews very much.

The document, produced about halfway through the war, shows that a mere decade after Hitler rose to prominence in Nazi germany, British Intelligence had, in the words of the report “…just noticed that this jolly Kraut chappie doesn’t seem to like the Semites all that much does he, what?”

The Cambridge academic, Dr John Creaux, said “This report shows not only the speed at which British intelligence was able to understand events on the continent, but also, I hope, how quick Cambridge is academically in publishing its findings. We are literally nearly writing history as it happens.

“Sort of.”

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