Murdoch: Stop buying my papers

by unpseudable

"I'm talking about myself"

TMB is fortunate to be able to offer a slightly abridged transcript of Rupert Murdoch’s appearance at the Leveson Enquiry. Our TMB editors have picked the most salient and illuminating points, which essentially get to the heart of the issue, resulting a nuanced and balanced summary of proceedings.

All quotes are directly from the mouth of Murdoch himself, although, obviously for absolutely complete context you may need to read all 223 pages of the interviews.


I’ve been wrong, at great cost.

Why don’t you come to lunch on Sunday?

I’m sorry. I’m afraid. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

If you want to judge my thinking, look at the Sun.

I’m sorry. I’m not good. It was a major mistake I made. Stop buying my newspapers.

I don’t think… I don’t think. I just don’t know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Where are you? I’m sorry.

The pyjama party weekend… I met JK Rowling. I think they were just a bunch of women. We were overrun with children.

I used the influence of the Sun… to get favourable treatment. That would describe me, certainly. I don’t know how many times I have. Sorry… I was wrong. I’m sorry. I regret this greatly.

I’m sorry. I failed. And I am very sorry about that. I am guilty. All I can do is apologise to a lot of people, including all the innocent people in the News of the World who lost their jobs.

I didn’t know anything in 2008. I’m sorry.

He had me there… with horns out of my head.

I apologise, sir. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch my back. I’m sorry I’m old-fashioned.

Stop buying the paper.

I panicked, but I’m glad that I did.

I’m sorry I didn’t close it [the News of the World] years ago.

I remain greatly distressed.

I’d asked prime ministers for favours. I’m sorry. I’m guilty.

Why does the Sun have a website? No? No? I don’t know either – you can’t wipe your arse on a computer. 2

I’m sorry. We made mistakes. The News of the World, I’ll be quite honest, was an aberration and it’s my fault.

I can’t run… Billions of tablets…

I’m old. I’m sorry.


I drew a line yesterday, a very vague line. That was against the law, quite apart from the ethical side. It was totally wrong. I’m sorry, judge – I’m very, very proud.

I’m talking about myself.

Fears about bundling…

Make complaints.

I have no knowledge.

Thank you.


1 By this either he means to blind us, or he means, “Stories should be sensationalised, women should be objectified (but only the young attractive ones, of course) and people like Richard Littlejohn should be employed.” And of course, “Freddie Starr ate my hamster”.

2 This precise quote was not exactly spoken by Rupert Murdoch at this juncture. Or any other. So far as we know.

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