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April 2, 2012

Britain and Argentina are all like squaring up and shit

by philapilus
Badge of the Falkland Islands Defence Force

Britain has got like a well good blinging new earring.

At morning break today, Britain and Argentina were eyeing each other aggressively across the playground. Britain had his arm ostentatiously around the Falklands, and was nibbling her earlobe, whilst looking across to make sure Argentina was watching.

Argentina was doing his best nasty squint, and pointing at Britain and dissing him to his crew.

Asked to comment on the likelihood of international conflict, whether by use of conventional force, or through aggressive diplomatic actions, Britain was all like “Man, he is looking at my ho, and shit. I is gonna bang him proper if he don’t stop it, innit? I is gonna bang him good, and he won’t get up.”

But Argentina was going like “If he thinks he’s hard, man, he can like come and have a go, innit? But I is ready for him this time. She’s meant to be my bitch, innit, and I am gonna lace him, I am gonna lace him till he’s done, a’ight?”

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