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New Zealand Sea Lion

this probably isn't the real Gemini

Since posting guest writer Carol Sarler’s brilliant piece, we have been inundated with your witty, thoughtful posts responding to her words of wisdom. Here are just a few of the ones that were literate enough to be understandable:

Well done to all of you, and keep ’em coming!

Sad4Britan2day: What I want to, know is who sez it is wrong to hit a woman but not a child uif the child is yours, then hit it but if the woman is yours then dont??! Wake up Peeple This country is going to the dogs

andASBOs4all: As a woman I say that hitting is justified if the man takes no pleasure – it is a case of spare the rod and spoil the relationship (by the way this is not a man saying she is a woman as sum of you will say)

ginger’n’proud @andASBOS4all: man

curtainsmatchthedrapes @andASBOS4all: dude your a man

andASBOS4all: do I have to tell you my tamponsize to prove it? stupid men

lawlessone: i think andASBOS4all is a woman – who need a slap! ROFLMAO

andASBOS4all: your all dicks

lawlessone: slap her with a dick LMAO

TerryNutkins: In our postmodern world, who says that relativity stops at the door to the house? I for one would rather see the same standards for men and women. If my wife wanted to slap me, I say let her but I should slap her too, right?

ginger’n’proud @TerryNutkins: Your so right man. Your awesome. Are you Terry Nutkin who did that animal show?

TerryNutkins @ginger’n’proud: no

lawlessone: he is

ginger’n’proud: yeah i saw his profile, it’s a sea lion. definitely is him.

TerryNutkins: I’m not

cattlestargalactica: moo! It’s Terry Nutkins all right

Christiannotashamed: I think women and men should all not slap each other or slap children or anyone nor make war make peace make love. The Bible says love thy neighbours, and do upto others. No one wants slapping. Only the muslim does that. Peace out

Christiannotashamed: ps Nice to see Terry Nutkins on here. I raised my children on your programme The Really Wild Show

TerryNutkins: I am not that Terry Nutkins

andASBOS4all: I am not trolling I am a woman, and I say slapping is either fine or isn’t as long as its one way for everyone. Slapping women is wrong but women slapping is not: ask yourselfs this men and women, what if a woman like me for example is in a same sex relationship: who should get slapped? Think about it. I am not a woman

andASBOS4all: I mean not a man

ginger’n’proud: yes you are. Am Also a huge fan of the Really Wild Show btw.

lawlessone @andASBOS4all: you are definitely a man

andASBOS4all: fuck you lawlessone you are so wrong

ginger’n’proud: Terry Nutkins hit his wife once, I heard he got Michaela Strachan preggers and his wife found out and threatened to ruin him, and he lost it and hit her

lawlessone @ginger’n’proud: no wwwwwwayyyyy MAN? That true?

ginger’n’proud: yes

TerryNutkins: That is a complete lie. Terry Nutkins did not have an affair with Michaela Strachan. I met him once and he was really lovely. As polite and kind a man as you can hope to meet. And he would never raise his hand to a lady. Certainly not his lovely wife.

Christiannotashamed: it’s true. Terry Nutkins was a gent. On reflection, I think he’s dead now. But Chris Packham did hit women. he was the one who had the affair with mICAHELA

ginger’n’proud @Christiannotashamed: I’d like to know where you get your info. I happen to know for a fact it was Nutkins.

TerryNutkins: It was not, look, just shut up about it.

lawlessone @TerryNutkins: It’s ok Terry, we all want to hit women sometimes!

TerryNutkins: I didn’t hit her! I never hit a woman!

TerryNutkins: My wife I mean, not the famous Terry Nutkins’s wife, who I have never met. Not being that Terry Nutkins.

TerryNutkins: (And Michaela would never have stooped as low as Chris Packham. In my opinion as a watcher of the show)

Christiannotashamed: I just found forty nine VHS tapes of the ReallyWild show in a cupboard that were my children’s. If only I still had a VCR…

TerryNutkins: I heard the Really Wild Show is going to have some ‘best of’ bits released on DVD next year. Would be good to replace your VHS tapes with those. They will be worth the money, and have interviews with the presenters, and some really good extra features.

lawlessone: defintly Terry Nutkin or he wouldnt advertise his own show

TerryNutkins @lawlessone: Am not advertising it, Christiannotashamed brought it up!

andASBOS4all: we are getting off the topic here

curtainsmatchthedrapes: just looked up Nutkin’s profile. Same gravatar as the ‘Real’ Terry Nutkins, on his official blog about sealions. Coincidence??? dude, it is terry Nutkins

TerryNutkins: sheer coincidence. I am not him

Sad4Britan2day @Christiannotashamed: what the fuck has Islaaam got to do with it man? Muslims slap their women so what? And for the record, the Really Wild Show was shit, and Sea Lions are fucking fat ugly and stupid

TerryNutkins: sea lions are beautiful and intelligent creatures. If you had ever swum with one you would know that. Clearly you have no life.

TerryNukins: I am not saying I have swum with them though

lawlessone: Terry, how come you just changed your gravatar from a picture of a sealion to a picture of a sports car?

TerryNutkins: it is coincidence. I was bored of that picture

lawlessone: oh yeah? what do you know about cars? Bald old fuck.

TerryNutkins: what’s wrong with being bald? At least I made something of my life! have you ever presented TV, dickless wonder?

cattlestargalactica: Mooooooo!

andASBOS4all: as a woman I feel we should finish the discussion. Ignore them terry. As a woman I thought you were great

curtainsmatchthedrapes: terry Nutkin was a fucking nazi

cattlestargalactica: Godwin’s law 

TerryNutkins: fuck you all

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