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March 19, 2012

Cameron “bored to tears” of trying to fix Britain

by philapilus
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Cameron says "Handing over the running of things to Johnny Foreigner is what made Britain Great."

David Cameron will today announce in a speech that Britain is nowhere near as good as he thought, and rather than do the tiresome work of actually having to run it, he would quite like to just sell it off bit by bit.

“Having noticed how fantastically well privatisation always, always, always works,” Cameron is expected to say, “I am going to use the huge political mandate that you, the people of this country, overwhelmingly handed me, to sell Britain.”

He will go on to outline the vital importance of infrastructure to the efficient running of a country and its economy, before saying “which is why it is vital that we hand over as much of it as possible to private firms and other countries.

“Starting with something small, as a trial-run, that won’t affect anyone too badly if it all goes tits-up. Like the road system.”

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