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March 16, 2012

£15 to see Big Ben? What? Oh, ok, no.

by unpseudable

Makes you proud to be human, doesn't it?The proposed £15 charge for climbing the 334 steps of the tower containing Big Ben will now not be enforced until 2015, at the earliest, thanks to some really convincing arguments in the House of Commons.  In honour of this momentous occasion, TMB has invited leading opponent of the charges, Robert Halfon MP, to lay out his argument here on these pages.

[Disclaimer: by publishing the following article TMB in no way suggests that it endorses the opinions contained, or that the opinions actually exist in any way.]

I, like surely all other Conservatives, am proud of the fact that the tours up the clock tower are subsidised by the taxpayer.  I mean, who could seriously call themselves a Conservative if they didn’t believe in the taxpayers of the country shelling out for jollies up an old tower.  Tax is what the Conservative party is all about.   As long as it goes to something like this, and not something messy, like operations and medicine.

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