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May 21, 2015

Your mum and dad now superstars of fashion industry

by philapilus

She’s got it going on

It has emerged this morning that, much to your shame, your parents are now considered to be the epitome of cool.

After that suede skirt of your mum’s (which she bought in M&S in 1973) took the fashion world by storm, it was decided that from now on all new designs would be run past her sharp, commercial eye.

Simultaneously, the news that your father’s Dad Bod is now the very definition of sexy has had hordes of fashionistas following him round, recording his ill-advised diet, lack of exercise regime and dress-sense, for the purposes of

May 20, 2015

Prince Charles and Gerry Adams in suspected ‘bodyswap’

by philapilus

“Well now, dis is a bit o’ a gamechanger, so it is”

It has emerged that the Prince of Wales and the leader of Sinn Fein seem to have had their minds transposed into one another’s bodies, during yesterday’s historic handshake.

An aide to Prince Charles said his suspicions were aroused when the Prince made a series of “extremely worrying” phone calls last night, in a thick Irish accent, during which he uttered several apparently coded statements such as ‘Big Fish has reached the Blarney Stone’ and ‘the Guinness has a potato in, Operation Shamrock is a Go’.

Associates of Gerry Adams had also noticed something was amiss when he failed to attend “a certain meeting at midnight in a carpark”, and was instead “found in a field poshly lecturing a plot of lettuces about

May 19, 2015

Texas turf-war between rival Segway gangs

by philapilus
File:Segway PT (2006)-02.jpg

Lock up your daughters

Nineteen people have been killed and more than 100 arrested, after a vicious gun-battle between rival Segway gangs in Texas.

Police confirmed that opposing factions, the Gadget-addicts and the Green-businessmen Gang, met in a large Walmart carpark to settle a turf dispute. An ensuing gun-battle between hundreds of Segwayers was described by witnesses as “All out war”.

Police chief Randy Fukwizc said “The Segwayers chose the

May 18, 2015

Cameron states “NHS pledges are achievable with sofa-cash”

by philapilus

“There’s probably four grand in that one”

David Cameron has insisted today that the Conservatives will meet their pre-election pledges on NHS funding because “there’s bound to be shitloads of cash down the back of hospital sofas.”

The prime minister said “Look, you know how it is, you sit down and maybe 20p rolls out of your pocket, gets stuck between the cushions, and you don’t find it till months later when you strip the cushions off to make a fort.

“Well imagine that for every sofa in every hospital, but then

May 13, 2015

Labour leadership contest: the candidates

by philapilus

They’re a sorry bunch, but just remember: it could be so SO much worse

Following Ed Miliband’s disastrous defeat last week, we bring you an update on all the candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring for the leadership of the Labour party.

Chuka Umunna: Umunna has really won over the youth vote, with his description of West End nightclubbers as ‘trash’. He has been described as the British Barack Obama, not because he resembles the American president, nor has similar politics, but largely because white people can’t name any other black political figures.

Joseph Stalin: Often described as being ‘hard left’, Stalin has vowed to

May 13, 2015

‘Game of 72′ disappearances welcomed by parents

by philapilus

“No officer, it wasn’t a struggle with kidnappers. This is just the mess the little shit always leaves. Anyway, there’s no hurry to get him back; take your time.”

A supposed social media ‘game’ encouraging children to disappear for 72 hours, has been applauded by parents of absolute little shits.

Police in France warned the general public to be vigilant with their children, after a girl called Emma went missing for three days – which she later claimed was part of an online challange.

But though warnings have spread many parents have expressed their support for the ‘Game of 72′, even encouraging kids to participate.

Parent Mike Ock said “I have personally

May 11, 2015

The TMB guide to Cameron’s new cabinet

by philapilus


Eric Pickles will be the new moon

As David Cameron continues to form his new cabinet, we bring you the lowdown on the ministers already appointed:
Prime Minister: Boris Johnson

In a surprise move, David Cameron has decided to make Johnson the head of his new government, though the role will only apply during the night-time when no one is looking. Boris will also take over David’s marital obligations to Samantha

Home Secretary: Michael Gove/Theresa May

The new government’s first cabinet meeting will feature a bloody death-match between these two ministers, who have each demanded the opportunity to stick and disembowel the other like a squealing pig. The victor will

May 11, 2015

Conservatives introducing ‘complete bastard’ agenda

by philapilus

New policies

David Cameron has announced that his new Conservative majority government will bring in a series of measures “designed to showcase the hideous bastard that lies within our collective soul”.

The prime minister said this morning “I had a great chat with the Queen on Friday, despite the fact we were both massively hungover from all the celebrating.

“I informed Her Majesty that I was going to be scrapping the Human Rights Act, bringing back fox hunting, ratcheting up austerity, clamping down on

May 11, 2015

Downing Street protestors demand end to “Unfair democratic electoral process”

by philapilus

These thuggish tools of the fascist state will all be shot, and eventually replaced with girls bearing flowers. But in the short term, we’ll need to just use the Revolutionary Guard for a bit

The best way to deal with people in power who you think don’t listen to the People is to get rid of them, even if the People want those people in power, said some people this weekend.

As the Conservative government began to set about the business of running the country following last week’s electoral success, liberal protestors gathered in Downing Street to demand a temporary suspension of draconian democratic elections.

Wendy Nailinthehead, socialist and champion serial masturbator of 2015, said “Boo! Tories! Elitist scum! Serving the

May 7, 2015

“It would be different if we got a free pen out of it” say non-voters

by philapilus

“Now THAT would be worth all those Suffer-jets riding horses for”

Britain’s legions of non-voters said today that the main reason they couldn’t be arsed to go to the polling station was because of the shit pencil stubs that you can’t even take away with you.

Non-box crosser Wendy Nailinthehead said “Why would I go all the way up the road to the local church hall and try to


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